2013 ACVIM Forum

Event Dates:
June 12, 2013 - June 15, 2013
Early-Bird Discount Deadline:
March 05, 2013
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Washington State Convention Center   
Seattle, WA
June 1
Specialty Symposium (Pre-Forum) - June 12th

Registration Fees

Diplomate Early Registration   $430.00
ACVIM Diplomate   $525.00
ACVIM Diplomate   $600.00
General Registration   $695.00
General Early Registration   $575.00
General Registration   $730.00
ACVIM Candidate   $360.00
Candidate Early Registration   $335.00
ACVIM Candidate   $390.00
Resident/Intern/Recent Grad Early Registration   $345.00
Resident/Intern/Grad   $400.00
Candidate Pre-Symposium   $100.00
Veterinary Student   $0.00
Technician   $220.00
Technician Early Registration   $195.00
Technician   $245.00
Technician Student   $0.00
Affiliate Diplomate Early Registration   $430.00
Affiliate Diplomate   $525.00
Affiliate Diplomate   $600.00
Affiliate Candidate   $360.00
Affiliate Candidate Early Registration   $335.00
Affiliate Candidate   $390.00
One-Day Registration Thurs.   $280.00
One-Day Registration Fri.   $280.00
One-Day Registration Sat.   $280.00
ACVIM Diplomate   $0.00
Resident/Intern/Grad   $380.00
ACVIM Diplomate   $0.00
Complimentary Booth Personnel   $0.00
Additional Booth Personnel   $250.00
Thurs. & Fri. Registration   $560.00
Fri. & Sat. Registration   $560.00
Two-Day Registration-Thurs & Sat   $560.00

Available Functions

ACVIM Leadership Breakfast
ACVIM Membership Annual Business Meeting & Awards Luncheon
Cardiology Luncheon / Diplomate Certificate Ceremony - Guest Ticket $40.00
Cardiology Luncheon / Diplomate Certificate Ceremony
Cardiology Specialty Dinner $10.00
Cheers and Peers Meet and Greet
Breakfast with the Specialists: Spinal Cord Injury and Recovery $30.00
Breakfast with the Specialists: Pulmonary Hypertension Diagnosing and Treating $30.00
Breakfast with the Specialists: The Use of Prokinetics in Ruminants $30.00
Commercial Presentation: The Itchy Dog: Diagnosing the Problem and Stopping the Cycle
Case Discussion: Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Chronic Disease and Novel Therapies
Case Discussion: Could it be Addison's?
Workshop: Introduction to Small Animal Laparoscopy $75.00
SIG: Benefits of Using Vet-Labeled Products
SIG: Compounded Insulin and the Diabetic Patient
Case Discussion: Advanced Diagnostics, Therapeutics and Imaging Studies for Canine and Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disorders: A Case Based Discussion
Case Discussion: Cancer Cytology Interactive Case Series
Workshop: Cardiac Auscultation and Phonocardiography in Small Animals and Horses
Case Discussion: Cervical Disc Arthroplasty in Dogs with Disc-Associated Wobbler Syndrome
Workshop: Credentials and Case Report Session for Candidates and Their Mentors
SIG: Update on EPM
SIG: Equine Endocrine Disease
SIG: GI Endoscopy: What's Your Diagnosis
Case Discussion: How to Deal with Concurrent Pancreatitis and Diabetes in Dogs and Cats
SIG: Individualized Management of Equine Pericarditis
Case Discussion: Case Analysis of Chronic Diarrhea, Weight Loss and Vomiting
Case Discussion: Interesting Cases from Archives of a Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory: Large Animal Practice
Workshop: Mentoring Strategies for Early-Career Specialists: Maintaining Professional Vitality in the Era of Re-Credentialing
Case Discussion: Nutritional Management of Feline Diseases: A Case-by-Case Approach
Workshop: Putting The Influence Behind Your Social Media
Case Discussion: Upper Urinary Tract Case Discussions
SIG: Cutting Edge Care for Your Painful and Paretic Patients: Are You Doing Everything You Can?
Workshop: Creating A Culture of Safety in the Workplace
Case Discussion: Evaluation of Equine Neuromuscular Disease
Case Discussion: Surgery, Radiation, Both or Neither? Approaches for Challenging Cancer Cases
Workshop: Using Social Media in Your Veterinary Practice
SIG: Large Animal Mobile Internists: Legal Considerations of Consultation
Case Discussion: Cascading Down Pathways Towards Relaxation & Coagulation
Case Discussion: That Pesky Alkaline Phosphatase
Case Discussion: Updates on the Management of Cats with Idiopathic Lower Urinary Tract Disease
Workshop: ABVP - Is It For Me?
Workshop: Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy: Theory and Practice
Workshop: Thoracic Imaging Case Studies Workshop $75.00
Workshop: Tracheal and Urethral Stenting Laboratory $250.00
SIG: Equine Emerging Issues Luncheon: Updates on Emerging and Re-Emerging Equine Diseases: The Year in Review
Case Discussion: Case Studies in Feline Internal Medicine: Using Audience Polling Technology to Address Challenging Questions
Workshop: Computer-Aided Blood Smear Analysis
Case Discussion: Diagnosis and Treatment of Small Animal Infectious Diseases
Workshop: ECG Interpretation for the ER Doc
Case Discussion: Equine Echocardiography Reading Session
Workshop: Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
SIG: Hot Topics in Dermatology
Case Discussion: Interesting Cases from Archives of a Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory: Small Animal Practice
SIG: Liver Study Group: Cases from the Diplomates: Real Life Strategies in Case Management
Case Discussion: Management of the Difficult Diabetic Cushingoid Patient
SIG: Society of Comparative Endocrinology (SCE)
SIG: ISCAID Panel Discussion
Workshop: Evaluation of the Exercising ECG in the Horse
Workshop: Get Started with Social Media for Your Veterinary Practice
Case Discussion: Hypoalbuminemia: What Next?
Workshop: I Have Patience for My Patients But My Clients are Driving Me Crazy: Tips for Working with High Maintenance Owners
Large Animal Internal Medicine Luncheon / Diplomate Certificate Ceremony
Large Animal Internal Medicine Luncheon / Diplomate Certificate Ceremony - Guest Ticket $40.00
Large Animal Internal Medicine Specialty Dinner
Neurology Luncheon / Diplomate Certificate Ceremony
Neurology Luncheon / Diplomate Certificate Ceremony - Guest Ticket $40.00
Neurology Specialty Dinner
Oncology Candidate / Diplomate Luncheon / Business Meeting
Oncology Specialty Dinner & Diplomate Certificate Ceremony
Oncology Specialty Dinner & Diplomate Certicicate Ceremony - Guest Ticket $50.00
Primary Registrant Meal Preference
Guest Registrant(s) Meal Preference
Small Animal Internal Medicine Luncheon / Diplomate Certificate Ceremony
Small Animal Internal Medicine Luncheon / Diplomate Certificate Ceremony - Guest Ticket $40.00
SPP Luncheon
Workshop: Equine Massage for Veterinary Technicians
Workshop: Achieving VTS: Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Neurology, Oncology or Nutrition
Workshop: ECG Analysis & Interpretation
Workshop: Feeding Tubes & Maintenance and Advanced Nutritional Calculations



Location Information

Washington State Convention Center
800 Convention Pl.
Seattle WA 98101-2350

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